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My name is Alex Kelley.  I am a 25 year old student trying to finish up my bachelors degree in Management.  I will graduate in December (it's about time).  The reason that it has taken me so long to graduate is because I spent the past 6 years in the military.  While it was definitely not a career for me, it led me to some very unique and interesting experiences that I otherwise would have never encountered.  It also exposed me to traveling and seeing new places.

I have a wonderful Russian/Canadian girlfriend named Kasi.  We are currently in a long distance relationship with her living in London, Ontario finishing up her degree at the University of Western Ontario and me in Nashville, TN trying to finish up mine at Middle Tennessee State University.  We take trips every chance we get to go see one another and luckily, its worked out to where we are able to see one another every other month or so.  This is my first long distance relationship and people always ask me "how do you deal with the distance and being apart?".  While it's definitely not easy and we constantly miss one another, it's worth it because she is genuinely my best friend and we have the most fun together.  Something clicked when we met and neither of us wanted to see the other one turn and walk the other way.  I don't see that changing anytime soon and it makes it much easier knowing that we both want the same things in regards to our long term future.

As for my other interests, like most other guys, I love sports.  I particularly love hockey and golf. I grew up playing hockey very competitively from a  young age but now I just enjoy playing in beer leagues with my friends.  I also like golfing and road biking when the weather is nice. I am aspiring to run a marathon sometime before I die, complete a triathlon, and shoot sub 80 rounds consistently in golf.  I also enjoy good books, good beer, good wine, and good food. 

I will mostly use this site to post pictures of my travels, write about my thoughts, and share other various interesting things that I come across.  Enjoy!

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